Teacher’s Day Assembly
Date: 4th September 2023, Monday

A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way of others. Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune witnessed a grand celebration for teacher’s day, to mark a tribute to Dr. Sarvepilli Radhakrishnan’s Birth Anniversary. This day is celebrated every year on 5th September in order to honour and appreciate the contribution of teachers in shaping the lives of students. It is a day dedicated to recognize the hard work, patience, and dedication of teachers.

The day began with a special assembly, where students presented various cultural program programmes. The assembly started with the school prayer followed by significance of the day and by sharing heartfelt thoughts about teachers. A self-composed poem was recited by a student. A special Guru Vandana dance performance was presented by the students of students of Std VIII. Nandini Singh from Std 8 presented a beautiful song which was appreciated by all. It was followed by amazing facts and current affairs which were shared by students Std.VII.

In this assembly students showcased their talents through various performances. This created a joyful and festive atmosphere, fostering a strong bond between the teachers and students. Moreover, the students also prepared handmade book marks for their teachers. These tokens of appreciation were presented to the teachers leaving them overwhelmed with joy. The act of giving personalized gifts made the teachers feel valued and cherished.

The Teacher's Day celebration in our school was a grand success. The celebration not only honoured the teachers but also strengthened the bond between the teachers and students. It reminded everyone of the invaluable role that teachers play in shaping the future generation.

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