Date: Saturday,25 th February 2023

Activity: Vertical Gardening Project

The tiny seed knew that to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt covered in darkness, struggling to reach the light.

The Eco Club of VPMS organized the culminating activity of the plantation to beautify the ambience of the school.

The students actively participated with enthusiasm and planted saplings collected from the school garden. This activity began with briefing the students. The students then assembled in the area behind the sports room. Students were divided into groups. The students of Std IX were the group leaders. Each group was given two pipes. They filled the pipes with a mixture of coco peat and soil. They then placed the saplings into the pipes.

These pipes will be later placed in the canteen covering the washing area to beautify the ambience of the place.

This activity was followed by showing them a video on a start-up by Delhi based fashion studio that believes in no new clothes. And another video of how the pattern of a beehive inspired the design of an affordable natural air cooler. The entire activity was conducted with great enthusiasm and saw the children engrossed in doing the activity and this motivated the students to imbibe an eco- friendly lifestyle.

All the activities were very well planned and served as an enriching experience both for students and teachers. The activity concluded with the club in charge Ms Nidhi Jain proposing the vote of thanks.

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