The Eco Club
Activity No 3: Eco-fashionista
Waste isn’t waste, until we waste it.

This was the belief which inspired the students of the Eco Club to participate in ‘Eco-fashionista’ on the 12 th of November, 2022. The theme for the fashion show was, ‘Green Fashion.’ The venue selected, was the PCMRD seminar hall.

Student models, confidently walked on the red carpet in their unique creations. They presented their outfits and explained their thoughts behind their creative designs. They exhibited fashionable clothing made from recyclable material and stressed on practicing the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in order to minimize the waste generated. The views expressed by the students on
pollution, conservation and protection of the environment were particularly commendable.

The event was judged by Mrs Priya Kolhe and Ms Mitali Tipnis. The participants were judged on the basis of presentation, resources reused,
creativity and originality. The event concluded with the distribution of the awards.

This virtual fashion show, provided students a platform to unlock their creativity and display their talent. The event successfully used fashion, as a communication medium to raise awareness ….for a better environment.

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