THEME: Pune Warrior Climate and Swachhata Pakhwada
REPORT: Tree Plantation Drive
DAY & DATE: Sunday, 10.09.2023 (7a.m. -9.30 a.m.)
ORGANISED BY: Varad Jagtap (Climate Champion) VIII B and his Parents
ATTENDED BY: Teacher Incharge Ms Nidhi Jain and Students from VI-VIII

Trees represent life, growth, peace and nature. They produce oxygen, clean soil, prevent drought, control flood related disasters, prevent soil erosion, improve physiological, mental and spiritual health, and also reduce carbon footprints.

Vikhe Patil Memorial School has had long standing tradition of preserving culture of flora and fauna. A Tree Plantation Drive was organized by our Climate Champion Varad Jagtap (VIII B) along with his Parents Ms. Ashwini Jagtap (Rural Development officer) in collaboration with Vasundhara Abhiyan for greening of the Tukai Hill at Baner.

The aim of the drive was to raise awareness among students about the importance of trees for the environment and to encourage them to participate in activities that help protect the planet and rejuvenating the hills of Pune. It motivated the students to take care of the saplings so that they grow into healthy trees.

Students planted numerous indigenous trees like Banyan, Peepal, Tamarind, and Ficus religiosa, Neem, Mahogany, Karanj (Pongame oiltree) which are elemental to the ecology. The drive was a huge success, empowering students with substantial knowledge of environment and plants.

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