Invitation to celebrate the IISF Curtain Raiser Event on 19-Dec- 2023

Science Outreach Resource Centre CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Dr Homi Bhabha Road, Pashan, invited our school students for the celebration of the IISF Curtain Raiser Event on 19-Dec-2023.

30 students of grade IX and X along with Mr. Santosh Ranpise and Mrs. Santosh Wadhwa visited NCL.

The programme started with the inaugural prayer followed by a presentation by Dr. Gopinath on the contribution of NCL in developing renewable energy resources and new technology for fuel generation by splitting water and generating H 2 – a clean fuel.

Dr. Sailaja Krishnamurthy and her student interacted with students and spoke about the importance of computational chemistry.

To understand how well the session was grasped by the children a short quiz was conducted for the audience, Vihaan Dawada from IX C answered and was felicitated by Dr. Krishnamurthy.

Overall it was a very enriching session for the students and teachers.

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