World Water Day Report

Anything that nurtures and sustains life is divine. The earth sustains life primarily due to the presence of water. Since the beginning of time, humans have always been in search of water. Some of the earliest civilizations were built on the banks of rivers. Prosperous civilizations always had sufficient water. Thousands shed blood just for water. Recent studies show that the way you treat water is the way it will have an effect on you.

But will we even be able to see such a time? Our ancestors worshipped water, unfortunately we waste it by the gallon every day! It’s not just a mere resource we are wasting but is the key to life! Let’s be wise and not waste water anymore. As we all know, change begins at home. Just by following a few simple practices, we may save a huge amount of water each day. As W.H. Auden rightly said, “Thousands have lived without love but none without water.”

22nd March is recognised as World Water Day every year. We celebrate the day to bring attention to one of the leading environmental issues, ‘scarcity of water.’ To mark and celebrate and spread awareness about all such special days in school is a wonderful initiative taken by the Principal, Ms. Mrinalini. Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune held a special assembly to celebrate this day. The students of the Upper Primary and Middle School presented it.

As is the ritual of the assemblies held, the thought for the day and its significance were read out by the students. A monologue presented by a class 7 student was rather thought provoking and compelled the audience to think of ways in which they could conserve water. A harsh reality of what we would face by the year 2050 was highlighted. Imagine women and men having to go
bald just because they don’t have enough water to wash their hair! Imagine the severity of skin diseases people would have because of not being able to have even a glass or two of water to drink!

To take the programme ahead, a melodious song written and composed by the very talented teachers of VPMS, Pune was sung by the choir to drive home the need for water conservation. The assembly culminated with the entire school taking a pledge to conserve water and to educate people for the same.

Water is the essence of life. Let us always keep in mind that the cycle of water is the cycle of life itself. Water is an important fluid that plays a significant role in sustaining life on earth. And if all the water on the earth just disappeared, it would be the end of the world. We need to take care of it for ourselves and for the future generations on earth.

Report Compiled by:
Mrs. Shaheen Chaiwala

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