Activity of the Month – March 2023

Activity: Making a ‘DREAM-CATCHER’

Date & Time: 24 th March 2023 (7 th & 8 th periods)
As this was the last ‘Month End Activity’ for our children for the current academic Session 2022-23, it was unanimously decided to have an activity that would be creative and inspirational at the same time. As aptly quoted by our beloved former President, Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam, “Dream Dream Dream- Dreams change into thoughts and thoughts transform into
The class teachers discussed the significance and purpose of a making a ‘Dreamcatcher’- The original dream catcher was hung up to protect its owner from negative energies like a filter. It was believed to stop bad dreams from entering the mind during sleep, capturing any fear or negativity in its web before melting away with the morning sun. In addition to physical protection, dream catchers can also filter energy on an emotional level. The beadwork in dream catchers symbolizes life lessons needed for growth while the feathers represent prophetic visions and messages one might receive through their dreams. It provides a feeling of safety, protection and renewal.
The students were asked to carry the material as per their requirement and choice. They were instructed to prepare the base work/framework for the ‘dreamcatcher’ at home and the decoration/beautification could be done in school.

The children participated enthusiastically in the activity and came up with innovative ideas and designs for their dreamcatcher.

Ms. Sheetal I.
Ms. Leena A.

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