Young Entrepreneurs’ Club

Topic – Setting up and running small businesses
Activity Plan- The learnings in Young Entrepreneurs Club are made interesting through hands-on-activities. The students of the club worked in teams to choose a product to sell to the other students and staff of the school. The teams were required to complete a number of tasks, draw up a simple business plan and create an advertising poster for the products they were to sell. During the first
half, various stalls of eatables and drinks such as chat, pasta, pastries, sandwiches, idlis, toast pizzas, lemonade, tea and various games were set up by the students. This was followed by the opening of the Market Day which was done by our honourable Principal, Mrinalini Ma’am who enthusiastically visited all the stalls. Students and staff from the school visited various stalls which in turn boosted the morale and enthusiasm of the students. The students learnt that producers create goods and services to satisfy consumer’s wants.
The enriching experience gave the students an opportunity to showcase not only their proficiency in handling money but also to display their marketing skills. It created a positive learning environment which provided our students an amazing experience and they could connect this activity to the real-life experiences.
Feedback- Students were very enthusiastic in marketing and selling their products. It was a great learning experience for all the students. They look forward to more such activities in future.

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