15 th August, 2023 – Independence Day

Let there be freedom in mind, soul and body. Faith in your words and pride in nature.

With this thought, we kicked-off India’s 77 th year of independence at Vikhe Patil Memorial School.

The celebration was joyous and roused a feeling of patriotism in each one of us. The Indian tricolour was hoisted by Ms. Mrinalini Bhosale, and it waved proudly reminding us of how far we’ve come as a nation.

We began the day by reciting the prayer “Har Desh Mein Tu” and then set the agenda with a brief introduction of the events that were to follow.

With hands on their hearts, our students recited the pledge, thus taking an oath promising their allegiance to the country and its people.
Students of Classes VI, VII and VIII recited a poem “Gauravgaan” in Marathi singing praises for the Motherland and recalling the sacrifices of our brethren.

A student of Class XII expressed her thoughts beautifully about the India we are today through a speech in Hindi. It underscored the values of democracy that have helped us carve our place in the world.

Patriotism was the flavour of the day with students of Classes VI, VII and VIII singing “My Nation”, describing love and unity and instilling a sense of national pride that resides in the heart of every Indian.

Towards the end, we distributed sweets to all our students and ended the day on a happy note. The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by our principal, a recitation of ‘Vande Mataram’.

-Renuka Wable

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