Club report for Handicraft Club – 27th April 2024.

Name of the activity- In-house Activity-Plate Painting.

Venue- Senior Block Art room.

Objectives: to develop interest in students towards traditional art forms and skills

enable development of fine motor skills, observation skills and use of creativity to get a hands-on experience.

To develop ‘patience’ in the learners.

As aptly said ‘Art enables one to find oneself as well as lose oneself at the same time.’

In a bid to nurture artistic talents and enhance craft skills the Handicraft club organized an engaging ‘DIY Plate painting’ activity which was conducted on 27th April 2024 with the enrolment of 30 students from classes 6 to 10.

The activity was conducted by Ms. Isha Inamdar who first shared information about painting, the use of brushes as well as demonstrated varied drawing techniques like use of stencils, marker pens to design simple drawings for novice artists.

The club members were asked to get paint brushes with a palate and were provided with a       terracotta plate and acrylic paints. They were shown simple designs like geometric patterns of dots and shapes of stars, hearts by using pointed brush or paint pen to create designs.

The budding artists were soon engrossed in the engaging activity designing beautiful designs using paints to beautify the plates, a testimony to their creativity and patience.

Overall, the activity was a fruitful and an enjoyable as well as a gratifying one for everyone alike as they hand -painted the bakes terracotta plates to creating a beautiful home décor.

The activity conducted has raised the bar and enthusiasm among the club members who remarked that they are anxiously waiting for the next activity.


Members of the Club-Ms. Ms. Ashita Pardeshi, Ms. Shirish Sant, Ms. Yogita Yadav,

Ms. Vasanti Pawar, Ms. Trupti Patil, Ms. Sonali Kolambekar,

Ms. Snigdha Sarkar, Mr. Jason George and Ms Renuka Wable(I/C)



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