The Heritage Club


NAME OF THE ACTIVITY: A visit to the Archaeology Museum and Maratha History Museum



A museum is an institution that conserves a collection of objects of cultural, artistic, aesthetic, historical, or scientific importance and so bearing this in mind the students of the Heritage Club planned their first activity as a visit to the Archaeological Museum and Maratha History Museum at the Deccan College, Pune.

To begin with, the students were explained the importance of learning history. An interactive session brought out some interesting points of view from the students. They were then shown documentaries on the importance of heritage and some World heritage sites in India. The children noted down the name of these sites which they will explain and creatively present as a scrapbook at the end of the year. Subsequently, students and teachers made their way to the most awaited museums to have an enriching and informative experience.

This visit to the museum was an engaging activity for the students as they had a hands-on experience exploring artefacts, comprehending historical contexts, and honing research skills. They were made to understand how the remains of Nevasa, in Maharashtra were excavated and how the river Mutha changed its course a few centuries ago.

The visit also allowed them to analyse ancient objects, decipher inscriptions, and gain a practical understanding of archaeological methods, fostering a deeper appreciation for history and cultural heritage.

The Heritage Club is committed to offering education that goes beyond classrooms. Hands-on experiences like these offer our students tangible connections to History and a first-hand glimpse of our ancient civilization.

The activity was carried out to foster a deeper understanding of cultural evolution and to experience appreciation and pride for our heritage.

It was a thrilling as well as a meaningful experience for the students. It was one of the richest observations of their lives to have seen all that was on display at the museum. The visit to both the Museums has surely left a lingering impression on the students’ minds.


Report Compiled by: Ms. Maria Waghmare

Edited by: Ms. Shaheen Chaiwala


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