Class: VI

Venue: VI A B C D Classrooms
Date & Time: 20 th January, 2023

Teachers involved: Class Teachers-, Ms. Neelam Bhosale, Ms. Gauri Sheth, Ms. Sheetal Ingole, Ms. Leena Adhaoo

On the occasion of 76 th Republic day, socially aware and strongly sensitised Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune has decided an unique way of celebration this year. Students of class VI were motivated to perform out of box thought process by using a platform of the month -end

The objective of the activity is to utilise our day to day household ingredients to establish a strong sense of patriotism. Tricolour represents strong significance of unity and integrity. A value of patriotism can be inculcated through various walks of life. So it has been decided to use
symbolic colour representation in sandwich.

The children participated enthusiastically in the activity and explored their creativity. They used various types of vegetables which represents different colours and nutritional values.

Thank You.

Gauri Sheth

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