Activity Name: I Can, Can you? (Show your Talent)

1. To nurture the intrinsic qualities of the students.
2. To reduce stage fear in the students.
3. To Increase confidence level.
4. Appreciate each other.
5. Help students to overcome inhibitions.
6. Provide a platform to enhance their talents.

“Children prosper best with a broad curriculum that celebrates their various talents, not just a small range of them”.
Every artist was first an amateur. Talent is something that makes you excel in a task than someone else. If you are naturally good at something, you have definitely got the talent for it. Talent Hunt is one such event, which gives a platform to students to represent their talents in any field. Keeping this in mind, Middle school organized ‘ I CAN, CAN YOU?-Show you talent ‘session for the Std VII students on 20 th January 2023. Students participated enthusiastically and exhibited their talent in various activities. Some sang songs, some showcased their foot tapping moves, while others gave their pitch in junior Shark Tank or recited rhymes. The students staged spectacular performances in colourful attires using fascinating props making all students and their teacher spell bound. These events not only nurture the intrinsic qualities of students but also remove stage fear in them, which helps in their personality development. Special efforts were made to enhance the talent of those students who have natural flair for music, dance, drama, art, craft, etc to bring out their hidden talent. Events like these not only help the participating students to show their abilities but also motivate other students to come up front and show their hidden potential.


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