Poetry in the woods….

‘ Poetry in the Woods was the first month-end activity conducted for the month of June in the Senior Secondary Section. The objective of this activity was to take students to the woods to recite the poetry of their choice. Additionally, the activity aimed at encouraging students to appreciate the melody and the meaning of poetry. Students are usually taken to the forest nearby for the poetry recitation. But due to the incessant monsoon shower, this idea did not materialize this time. And therefore the activity was held in the Audio Visual and Seminar Hall
respectively. Students of XI A and B were in the AV room and the students of XII A and B were in the Seminar Hall for this activity. This competition was held house- wise. There were four participants from each house for the recitation.
The poets selected for the recitation were ranging from Robert Frost to William Wordsworth, and from Emily Dickenson and W.H. Auden. Some of the participants recited their self-composed poems. The parameters/ rubrics were given to the students beforehand. Mrs Alpana Saxena and Mrs Mrs. Sushmita Cholkar was invited as a judge for this activity. All the participants recited their poems in the right intonation and with the right pronunciation. Finally, the Ruby House emerged victorious in this completion and the Sapphire House was in the
second position. ‘ We recited the poetry after a long gap, and we thoroughly enjoyed it’ said Mankirat Kaur, one of the participants from XI-A. On the whole, this activity was very well received by the students.

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