Report on:

‘The Junior Investiture Ceremony’
Day: Tuesday Date: 4 th July, 2023
Venue: Seminar Hall

Respect for Self….! Respect for Others….! And Responsible Action!

These are the three Rs of Leadership followed at VPMS, Pune. They are life skills which help students evolve into dynamic leaders and
responsible citizens!
VPMS firmly believes that students are the torch bearers and visionaries of tomorrow. They need to be guided by students who would lead by
example and not just through words. The school has always strived to bring about holistic development of students along with skill
enhancement which prepares them to take on the challenges that life brings.
Keeping the same in mind, the Junior Investiture Ceremony was held for the students of Std IV and V, on Tuesday 4 th July 2023 in the Seminar Hall.
The student council was selected with an objective to enhance leadership skills in students for the welfare of the classes they lead.
The students were shortlisted by their teachers on the basis of their academic performance, participation in sports as well as their general
behaviour through the past year. The parents of the elected council members too were invited to witness the ceremony.
The function began on an auspicious note, with a special prayer being sung by the students of the Upper Primary Section; Apne Aatman Ke
Chintan Se. Thereon, the comperes, Riya Supekar and Anushrav Ghatge; both Prefects from Std X, called upon the members to be sworn intooffice with the promise that they would carry out their duties with diligence and integrity. The parents and students watched on with pride as the honours of badging the council members was carried out by our principal; Ms Mrinalini.

The names of the students appointed on various posts were as follows:

Head Prefects – Anika Kenjale and Atharva Hande
Games Captains – Anissha Kale and Aarav Doshi
Coral House Captain and Vice-Captain – Arnav Lokhande and Arjun Agrawal
Emerald House Captain and Vice-Captain – Kavya Pate and Arya Anvikar
Ruby House Captain and Vice-Captain – Mukta Aras and Manasvi Patil
Sapphire House Captain and Vice-Captain – Sanaya Nair and Neerav Cholkar

Post the Oath Taking and Badging Ceremony, the principal addressed the students and their parents with her inspirational words.
The ceremony concluded with the National Anthem, followed by a snack being served for the parents in the AV Room.

This was not only an important ceremony in the schedule of our school events but also a defining moment in the lives of our young-student

Compiled By:
Ms Sheetal Upadhye
PRT, Cultural Coordinator
Class Teacher IV B
English Subject Teacher: IV A and B

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